1Password manager – best way to store all your passwords

How many passwords does one have to remember?

I’m sure that every Internet user has been in a situation where, after a long time, they have returned to a site that requires a login and spent the next few minutes trying different variations of all their passwords.

If one unsuccessfully exhausts all the variations of one’s usual passwords, this is followed by, at best, the humiliating click on “I forgot my password“, and waiting for an email with a new password. At worst, either the site doesn’t offer this feature at all, or it’s followed by the even more depressing effort to remember what answer I set back then to the question “What was the first name of your class teacher in elementary school?”. If you want to avoid these situations, I recommend you consider getting the 1Password app.

What is 1Password?

The idea behind the 1Password app is elegant and simple. How about having just one strong password that I can use to log in to all my accounts?

If for security reasons it is advisable to have a unique and strong password for each account, and at the same time every internet user today has at least 4 different accounts (a very conservative estimate), the obvious problem of memorability comes to the surface, or rather just the fact that passwords will be remembered quite badly.

The 1Password app offers a simple and secure solution. You honestly choose a strong password for the app, and in the app you add all your login credentials for various sites, apps, etc., and from that point on you basically only have to log into the 1Password app, which handles all other logins.

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How does 1Password work?

1Password is a widely used and trusted program that remembers all your login details for you , but at the same time doesn’t let anyone access this sensitive information

. The user interface is nice and clear, usually one click is enough to log in to any service. If there is some exception or peculiarity, two clicks are required – “copy” from 1Password and “paste” into the desired window.

The only thing to watch out for, of course, is not to leave your laptop open somewhere in a public place with 1Password turned on (and logged in). But nobody should ever do that anyway, regardless of the security method. My colleague, for example, combines his 1Password login with a fingerprint scanner, thus protecting himself (at least partially) against the eventuality that someone has managed to trace his password. In general, two-factor authorization is a good idea for all cases. Moreover, the fact that over 60,000 enterprises use 1Password speaks for its quality and reliability in itself.

Who is 1Password suitable for?

It’s worth mentioning that the app is not free, it only offers a free trial period. Depending on the version you choose, the license costs between three and eight dollars per month. It is then up to everyone to evaluate whether the investment is worth it. If you only use your computer in your spare time as a hobby and not for work, you probably won’t have that many accounts, and none of them may even be important enough to make buying the app worthwhile.

On the other hand, if you work on your computer every day, and you have a lot of accounts, some of which may be extremely important (e.g. admin, administrator), 1Password will be like a godsend for you. I personally came across 1Password when I started working for a software company as a developer. Before that, I had about 7 different personal accounts (email, social networks, e-shops, etc.),

But with the new position, I added 3 different VPNs, 2 databases, and several new programs. When you add up the number of logins and take into account the fact that I can’t really write down company data in a text file on my desktop or on a piece of paper taped to my screen for security reasons, 1Password is absolutely essential for me.

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