3 Best Free Cloud Storage Solutions

What Is Internet Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

Cloud storage is basically a hard drive like you have on your computer or phone, but it’s accessible from anywhere via the Internet.

So you can connect to this hard drive anytime and anywhere when you are online. Therefore, it is actually a cloud that floats in the air and which you get at any time.

You may say that you don’t see cloud storage very often, but the opposite is true. Virtually anything you do on the Internet is stored on some form of cloud. Your mailbox is stored in the cloud, just like a website or other storage. The Internet is mainly a cloud storage with various services that we connect to over the Internet.

We will look at some of these cloud solutions and we are mainly interested in those on which we can store data, such as photos, documents, but also videos or images, privately and publicly. There are many of these solutions and they offer various services free, but also premium features for which you have to pay extra.

Cloud storage then falls under the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the transfer of computing power to another device that we typically access through a web browser or other special program. Performance is performed by another computer, which can also serve as a storage of our data. Typically, specialized data centers take care of this computing power.

Google Drive / Google Drive – First 15 GB Free and Expandable for a Fee

Probably the most used cloud storage is Google. In addition to services such as Google Photos, Gmail, but also Google Calendar in its own way, it is mainly Google Drive, which you can use directly to upload and download any file, which you then have access to from anywhere.

In addition to uploading files, you can also share them with anyone, both by sharing to another Google Account and by linking. In addition, Google Drive has a great environment for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that you can share with others read only or edit. All changes to documents are synchronized in real time, so everyone can see them instantly. Of course, there is the possibility to restore the document from backups, which are automatically created.

If you’re looking for cloud storage with a host of extra features, and you already have a Google Account, you can use Google Drive right away. If you don’t have an account with Google, you’ll create one in a matter of minutes. For everyone there is 15 GB of free space, which is absolutely enough for all possible documents but also many other files. 15 GB is generous and basically no other free service offers so much space without any cost. So if you’re unsure and don’t want to pay for storage, Google Drive is a very good choice.

If you are still not enough 15 GB, you can expand the space for a fee, see the price list valid as of 1 November 2019 here. There are also more expensive plans, but we recommend that you use them only after you exhaust the cheaper plans:

Google Drive Price List

Uloz.To Cloud – 1TB Space and Access from Anywhere


An interesting option for using online space is also the well-known Ulozto service, which most can know mainly as a page to upload and download files uploaded by users. However, after signing up for free, you can also use your account to upload private files. When uploading, just click to make them private and others won’t be able to download them. You then download these files just like everyone else via Ulozto. This option is great if you want to upload files that are not strictly private, so not very suitable for uploading photos and other private files.

However, Ulozto also offers the cloud service, where you have unlimited access to your files and download them at unlimited speeds without credits, but you can also share, set up a password, or limit downloads.

You can also find the cloud service with a price list on the credit purchase page. After registering for free, click Top up credit at the top right corner to find the cloud pricelist.

Dropbox – 2GB Free, More for Extra Charge

Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage that is great for free storage and sharing of several files and documents. With a free plan, you have 2GB of space, which is not required for photo backups, but you can easily save and share documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

Dropbox is a very interesting option in the paid version, which is very nice and already 2TB space, ie 2000GB, you can have from 9.99 € per month. This space should be comfortable for a very long time and there is no problem to increase it over time.

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