3+1 TOP Video Players for PC and Mobile

Play Movies and Other Videos on the Best Video Players

You download a movie or a TV show (or any other video) and want to play it comfortably. However, there are several options to choose from, and the standard Windows video player is quite awkward and outdated, so you need to look elsewhere and most likely choose, download and install another better player to suit your needs. .

There are several quality players, but all should meet at least the following:

  • Can play both old and modern video formats
  • Can be used easily and clearly
  • You can easily show subtitles and, if necessary, time them
  • No load on the computer and easy to install
  • They are ideally free and do not contain advertising or bother you to buy a better version

Let’s take a look at some of the really high-quality players do all this and more. If you are using another player that fits our list and you are satisfied with it, please let us know in the comments below the article and we will definitely add it so that other movie and series lovers can use this player.

Media Player Classic – Light and Modern Video Player Best for Movies and TV Shows

Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) is an extremely lightweight yet totally reliable video player. The controls are very intuitive; you can move the video time and volume on the keyboard and play all the standard video formats. With the settings you customize the window exactly as you want, but there is no need to do anything – everything looks great immediately after installation. You can also zoom in or out at will. It is also nice to upload subtitles by dragging and dropping the file directly onto the Media Player Classic window.

The setting is very robust and you can change almost anything, but it also means that there are quite a lot of items. Fortunately, there is basically no need to change anything. We recommend that you get to know the keyboard shortcuts or at least use arrows to turn the volume up and down and skip.

The program is extremely performance-friendly and runs on computers that are 20 years old. Unfortunately, the development of the program ended in 2017, but you can still download and use MPC freely. It is possible that development will continue over time. Today, however, it is still one of the very best video players, ideal for both new and old computers and running virtually any video format that exists or has ever existed.

Media Player Classic – download from official website HERE

Media Player Classic
Photo: Media Player Classic

VLC Media Player – The Most Popular Player for Videos, Movies and Shows

VLC media player is probably the most downloaded video player in the world. All at least somewhat popular operating systems are supported, so you can download them for platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, but also for smartphones with iOS (ie iPhone and iPad) and Android. This should cover basically any device you might want to play a video on.

It is just as great with format support. You can play almost everything. Downloaded videos and DVDs, videos from cameras or other devices, and simply everything and anything that resembles a video, you can conveniently play in the VLC media player. All without advertising.

Controls are very easy, you can conveniently show subtitles and customize everything if you want to. VLC media player is the most popular for good reason and we definitely recommend it.

VLC media player – download from official website HERE

VLC Media Player
Photo: VLC Media Player

BSPlayer – Automatically Download Subtitles for a Movie or a TV Show

BSPlayer looks a bit strange on the one hand, but it’s just a habit. After a while of using BSPlazer, it won’t seem strange at all. In addition, you can download different skins to make the player look the way you want. You can also download BSPlayer for Android mobile devices.

What we really love is the automatic subtitle download. This is useful when you download a version of a movie or a TV show and need subtitles for it. When downloading videos in the original version, this feature can really come in handy and save time.

BSPlayer is also free, but various special features are only in the paid version. Although BS.player definitely has its advantages, we still prefer MPC-HP and VLC media player a little more thanks to more intuitive controls and yet more pleasant interface and that they are really completely free.

BSPlayer – download from official website HERE

Photo: BSPlayer

Movies & TV – Windows 10 Video Player

Windows Media Player is usable for music only and it is basically useless for playing videos. On the other hand, the Movies & TV app, which you will find automatically pre-installed on Windows 10, is much more useful for playing movies.

You can pin the video to the edge of the screen and watch the minimized version that appears above all other windows, which might come in handy at times.

Although it is not a super cool application that you absolutely have to use, and it is only on Windows 10, so some features may come in handy and you don’t even need to install anything.

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