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A Little Bit about the Android, iOS and Other Mobile Operating Systems

Android is the most widespread mobile smartphone operating system, and has naturally the most mobile apps developed for it. This is because Android is free and is used by the world’s largest cell phone manufacturers. Second is the operating system iOS (formerly iPhone OS) that powers iPhones, but also iPad tablets from Apple.

Other operating systems are virtually non-existent, and the only one worth mentioning is Windows Phone, which, however, disappears from the market entirely. The market share has always been scarce and there have never been many application to install and use.

Today, mobile is basically a bit less powerful, but far more practical computer that easily replaces old technology.

Today, the mobile phones do not only work as a device we use to call and send messages. With the smart phone we have virtually all the world’s knowledge, internet, news at our fingertips, but we can use the phone as a GPS navigation, flashlight, calculator, camera, mp3 and video player, dictionary and compiler, but also gaming devices, chat systems, pocket Facebook and so much more.

Mobile Apps for Android Are Available on Google Play

Android was developed by Google, which is also upgrading and mainly running the largest Android application library – Google Play.

Google Play contains a really massive stock of apps, and you have a great overview and easy or even fully automated updates to download at any time on Wi-Fi, or you can set up updates when you’re on mobile data. You can also read user reviews of each app and you will know immediately how the application works and whether it really does what you want and need.

Google Play can also be used to buy or rent movies, music or books, but when it comes to mobile devices, it is definitely the most used Android application management app.

Unlike, for example, the iOS operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, it is also possible to install applications that you download freely from the Internet. The system alerts you, and you need to confirm that you know this app is unverified. The downside is, of course, that there is no warranty for these applications, and there is a much better chance of damaging your phone. Not to mention the absence of reviews and the complexity of updates.

Find Apps for iPhone and iPad only in the App Store

You can not install unverified apps on iPhones and iPads, and only Apps from the official App Store library can be installed. Each application is proven to be free of malicious code.

On the one hand, this approach is very safe for users who want everything to be simple, on the other hand it is a shame that there is not much more to do with the phone. Everything has its own pros and cons, and who needs to be more flexible with the mobile, he’s better off on an Android phone, who on the contrary wants simplicity then opts for an iPhone with iOS.

Apps on Google Play and App Store Are Reviewed and Are the Safest

Every developer who uploads the app to Google Play must pay a fee, so the library is not overwhelmed with any possible unnecessary ballast. In addition, Google carefully checks every uploaded application with very sophisticated methods, whether it contains any malicious code, or whether the application does something other than it does.

Of course, it’s possible that a bug will pass, on the other hand, android apps on Google Play are still the safest to use, and the chances of downloading a truly malicious app are totally minimal.

Apple has the same approach with its App Store. Every application is carefully checked before it can be downloaded.

Do not Download Android Apps from Unknown Sources

You can download and run applications from unknown sources but these have not been reviewed by anyone. These applications can really include anything, such as viruses and malware. And even if the developer did not want to damage your phone or steal your data, it could happen due to a programming error.

So if you do not have to, just download apps from Google Play. If someone also gives you a link to downloading the app, it should link to Google Play, where you then download the app. If you do not have this link on Google Play, even though the app is definitely there, do not download anything and find the app at the official store.

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