Do You Have The Skills Needed To Succeed In The Future of Work?

There has arguably never been a more disruptive time to be an employee than the current day. Over the last few months, the world has gone through a pandemic that left millions around the world out of work. On top of that, this pandemic started a trend of remote work that has the potential to disrupt even more career paths. 

As technology continues to develop, there are a number of key skills that will be important to the future of work. Having these skills will mean you are in a better place than the competition, but not having these skills means that you may get shoved out of the workforce. To that end, learning the skills that are important to the future of work and how to spot them should be your number one priority.

Coding Above All

If there is one single skill that will be more applicable to the future of work than anything else, it’s coding. Fast Company found that jobs that use coding as a primary skill are growing at a rate that is 12 percent faster than the industry average. Clearly, this skill is important to the workforce, but there are certain coding languages that may fare better than others.

For example, Python is a solid coding language to learn due to its versatility. Knowledge of Python means you have the ability to handle a number of different tasks you may face in your career. JavaScript is another great coding language that deals more with web development, which is a growing field in and of itself. 

Some of the best online coding bootcamps can teach any student everything they need to know about a chosen coding language in a matter of months. Additionally, knowing how to code in one language can slightly translate to others, given that there are similarities between certain coding languages. Without a doubt, coding is a primary skill to be learned for the future of work.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a lesser-known skill that is quite important to the workforce. Over the last few years, the importance of data has skyrocketed. Data provides key insights into company performance and being able to analyze that data is an invaluable skill to those companies. With this in mind, data science is the primary field that uses this skill.

Through the analysis of large amounts of data, data scientists are able to make key business decisions and recommendations. This profession yields a high salary due to the importance of their skills, which goes to show why anyone should take up data analytics. Bootcamp Rankings features a guide on how to become a data scientist and, more specifically, develop skills with data analytics. 

It’s worth noting that, in the past, data science was a field that required a master’s degree to enter, but is now accessible to anyone through trade schools and bootcamps. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and obtain the skills prominently used in this career path. For a full list of top-rated trade schools, visit Career Karma and discover the trade schools that offer courses in data. 

Study of Modern Trends

As a whole, there are many skills used in numerous careers that deserve a place on this list. Covering all of those skills, however, would take far longer than anyone has time for. Yet, this list is always changing as new fields and career paths emerge. To that end, it’s important to study modern trends in order to gain an understanding of which skills are the most prominent.

For example, becoming a software engineer is a great choice in today’s day and age, but what about in 10 years? The skills needed in this career may have evolved and changed so much so that the field could potentially be obsolete. Never settle for the skills you have and keep studying modern trends to stay in the loop as to which career paths present the best opportunities for you. 


There is never a guarantee that the skills you have now will be applicable to the future of work. In fact, it’s really a massive guessing game. Despite this, you can take steps now to ready your skills to the best of your knowledge. Coding is an example of a skill that will be around for decades to come, and enhancing the rest of your skillset is about finding skills like coding that can help you land a forward-thinking career. Don’t allow your skills to become obsolete when you can take the necessary steps to upgrade those skills. 

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