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Google Chrome is, for a very good reason, the most popular Internet browser in the world. Everything is fast, easy to understand, and conveniently synced between all devices. You can use Google Chrome on your computer, tablet, and mobile. The installation is seamless and done with just a click on the button on the official site.

What is Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. Today, it is clearly the most popular browser in the world, both on computers and mobile phones. The lead over other browsers increases every year.

Chrome is built on the open source browser engine WebKit (or its fork named Blink to be more precise) and has been designed to be completely user-friendly and offering the fastest and smoothest experience of browsing on the Internet including the most advanced features. A huge advantage is also the ability to sign in to a browser with a Google Account, which then synchronizes, for example, bookmarks, forms or passwords on all devices in real time, very much like Google Docs does.

There is also the added benefit of adding add-ons and extensions that provide the browser with additional features the user may need.

In addition to classic browsing, Chrome also offers storage of passwords, credit card numbers, but also a developer console where you can see and possibly change any element on any website.

Google Chrome Setup

Always download Google Chrome from the official site. Open the downloaded file and go through the easy installation process. When finished and running, everything is done and Chrome is ready for use.

We recommend that you sign in to Chrome with your Google Account so that you always have everything synchronized even if you uninstall or if you also use Chrome on another device.

Then, we recommend that you go to your settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and clicking on Settings. Here you can set what pages to open when you run the program, what to synchronize, whether to show bookmarks, and whether Chrome is your default browser.

A great feature is the ability to open Chrome in the way you turned it off, which is good at any time. At startup, you’ll be able to open all of your most recently opened cards, so even if you close the program accidentally, or if you just turn off your computer, it all opens up comfortably at once.

Update to the latest and current versions of Google Chrome

If you have Chrome installed, you do not have to worry about updating because it will download the latest version itself. In the upper right corner, an arrow appears occasionally indicating that a new version is available. Click this arrow to restart Chrome and launch it in the latest version that is available.

Download Google Chrome App for Android and iOS

Chrome is also the most popular browser on mobile phones. Download it for both Android and iOS mobile phones, as in iPhone and iPad. Download the app only from the official application libraries, which is Google Play for Android phones, and the App Store on your iOS devices.

You do not need to worry about updates. Everything will be downloaded automatically, just like updates of any other application.

Google Chrome Mobile App
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Google Chrome for PC/Windows and Mac in English and Other Languages

You can use Google Chrome in a variety of languages. The most used is an English version. You can choose from dozens of others languages and choose automatic spell checking in one or more languages. You can also set up automatic site translations of sites you may not understand. Google will then automatically translate these sites using the translator Google Translate.

Change the language in Settings when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Advanced to find more features and settings, including the languages.

Chrome and Chromium – What’s the Difference + Download

Very often, with references to other browsers, we can read about a program named Chromium. What is it and how does it relate to Google Chrome? Chromium is an open source project, meaning that anyone can see its source code.

Google Chrome is a browser built on Chromium. Google takes Chromium, and enriches it with features to create Google Chrome. It is true, however, that Google is also a significant part of Chromium, which is apparent on its overall appearance, thanks to the Google Account sync option, but also a logo that is basically the same as Google Chrome.

However, anyone can take Chromium and modify the code according to their own needs and add or remove any feature, and publish their own web browser. This is how many browsers such as Opera or Microsoft’s Edge work nowadays.

You can download Chromium from the official site here, but basically if you do not plan to work on your code yourself, this browser does not make sense to you because it lacks a number of essential features for browsing the Internet.

Looking for G00gle Chrome, Crome or Chormes?

Looking for variations like G00gle Chrome, Crome or Chormes? You are in the right place because you will find all the information on how to install, run and use the browser Google Chrome.

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