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We could call Google the King of the Internet. Google has developed the most popular and best internet search engine in the world, but also the Android mobile operating system, which we should credit for the way the world of mobile phones looks today. In addition to this, Google offers a huge collection of absolutely amazing applications you should not miss on smartphone.

As far as the use of these apps on a computer is concerned, the applications can be used directly in the web browser without installing anything. Some apps need to be installed on your mobile; others only work in the browser.

Clicking on the link above to visit the official Google site where you can find all of Google’s mobile apps at one place to download for both Android and iOS (A.K.A iPhones and iPads made by Apple).

Why Use Google Apps?

What is great about Google is that you use everything with a single account and across all devices that are always synchronized as long as you are connected to the internet. There are a number of mobile applications offering a calendar or to make notes. But how many of them can sync your notes from your computer and notify you of the event on your mobile? There are not that many, if any, and if so, they are not so comfortable.

Because you have all the control and you are only logging in to one single account, you do not have to remember a million passwords and constantly log in and set things up. Everything is comfortable and the information is beautifully transferred from one application to another and across all your devices, so everything is really clear and easy to use.

We’ll look at the most popular Google apps, including download links to the App Store and Google Play so you can download immediately. You can also use the link at the top of the page to visit Google website and download from there. It’ all up to you.

Send and Receive Emails with Gmail

Gmail is absolutely indispensable for anyone who has an email box set up on Google. Gmail is the most used e-mail service in the world, and more than a billion people use it regularly every month.

Gmail has become the standard in using email with ease of use and the ability to connect your email box to other services.

With your PC and phone synchronized, you can send and receive emails from any device. Gmail is also very easy to connect with mail clients like Thunderbird or Outlook, where everything is set practically automatically with just a few clicks.

Google Maps to Find Anything in the World

Another great app is Google Maps. It contains not only a beautiful overview of any address in the world, which you can locate with ease, but also a huge amount of information about the surroundings. You can search for restaurants, bars, businesses, shops, sports centers, and anything you want, even if you do not know the address.

Not only will you learn the address but also clear information, opening hours, see photos, as well as read user reviews.

In addition, Google Maps is a fantastic navigation tool with which you can practically throw away your outdated GPS navigation. Google Maps shows you both the route and possible detours and current delays. Even though you know the way to your destination, the Maps app is still great, because you will find out if there was an accident happening along the way. Maps is definitely the application you will use on your phone and we definitely recommend downloading it.

Watch Videos on YouTube

Even watching videos, movies, or listening to music on YouTube has an app enhances your experience watching YouTube videos on your mobile phone and tablet. Usage is basically the same as on a computer, but everything is adapted to the smaller screen of the phone/tablet.

Again, it’s a great thing that everything is synchronized, so you can find saved videos for later view on any of your devices.

Organize Events with Google Calendar

Thanks to the calendar application, you can easily save any appointment, event or birthday, or share and organize everything with anyone. Many events are saved automatically, and you can see your friend and family’s birthday beautifully if you have them in your contacts.

Google Chrome Web Browser

Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. With a single account with all your devices, you always have synchronized settings, bookmarks, and even passwords, so if you browse the internet on your mobile and put something in your bookmarks, you can also find it on your computer and vice versa.

In addition, Chrome is a lightning-fast and elegant browser with a huge array of add-ons and extensions. Many, such as AdBlock, can only be installed on a computer version, but they can make work much easier and modify or enhance Chrome as you see fit.

Edit and Organize all Photographs with the App Photos

Photos are great apps for organizing and editing all of your photos. Photos are stored on the storage and can be viewed from all devices, easily shared, edited, and easily organized.

In addition, Google creates nice collages or even videos from photos you make. It is true that most of you do not use, but still sometimes, you will find a nice collage of photos from one place or a trip that you really appreciate.

In addition, Photos are a nice editing tool when you add different filters, filming, or other adjustments to make your photos even more outstanding.

Google Drive Is a Cloud Storage for Your Files

Google Drive is a cloud storage where you can back up your files, and up to 15GB space is free. In addition, you can share files with other users and you have everything neatly in one place.

Google Drive is also a great place to create documents, presentations, or spreadsheets, which you can use instead of Microsoft’s still most popular tools. Again, everything is synchronized and all edits on one device are projected to all the others.

For documents, presentations and spreadsheets, everything is saved in real time, so you will never lose your file or your progress on your writing. You can also see all edits, so even if you accidentally delete everything, you can go back a few minutes back to restore it all.

Additionally, you can set up editing to users, and you have a very beautiful shared document that many people can access online and everyone you give access to can see what’s happening in real-time.

It’s true that for mobile phones, Google Drive is not a much-used app, but it can still be useful for backing up or saving files.

Docs, Slides, Sheets for Editing in Google Drive

Google Drive, as we have already mentioned, offers the to create presentations, documents and spreadsheets. You can view them on your phone, but you cannot edit or create them. To do this, the applications Docs, Slides and Sheets are used to create or edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on Google Drive.

You will only use these applications in principle if you are actually editing these documents, so you do not have to download them just for viewing.

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