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Android is the most used mobile operating system created by Google. Because Android is so-called open-source, as in the code is free to check and fix by anyone, and mobile phone makers can use it for free, Android is the dominant player of mobile, tablet, and smart TV operating system market.

Thanks to the huge popularity of Android, the developers very much focus on developing apps for Android that make it easy to turn your phone into a GPS, mp3 player, camera, flashlight or basically anything else. Smartphones do not just serve as phones, but basically replace any electronics.

Download Android apps from Google Play

Google Play is a Google service that lets you easily install apps and games for mobile phones or other Android devices. Google Play has millions of apps of all kinds. Some apps are free to download, others are paid. It’s up to developers to run ads for example in the app, or to expand features for a fee.

Google Play is the largest Android app library, and basically all major apps can be found there. Google Play is automatically included in every Android phone and you do not have to install it.

With Google Play You Have All the Apps in One Place and Easily Updated

Google Play is also a great tool because you always have a perfect overview of what apps you have on your phone. In addition, apps are automatically or manually updated.

Of course, you can set it up not to update your apps unless you are on the wi-fi so you do not waste your mobile data.

Just as simple is uninstalling applications you do not want on your phone anymore. With Google Play, you can easily remove any app with just one tap. Simply everything is comfortable, very clear and basically you do not have to worry about anything.

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Google Takes Care of Application Security and Ease of Use

Any developer who wants to distribute their app via Google Play must meet a number of requirements. In addition, each application must be subjected to strict security checks before it is released, whether it contains dangerous or malicious code that could damage your device or steal your sensitive data. Apps that contain excessive ads that prevent the application from being used seamlessly are also prohibited.

Thanks to Google Play, you have almost 100% confidence that the applications you download are safe and they really do what they claim they do, they’re easy to use and do not contain any dangerous code.

You Can Download Apps for Android from Unofficial Sources

Unlike the iOS operating system, Android lets users install apps that do not come from official Google Play. So you can download and install the application from anywhere.

This has certain advantages but also disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that these applications have not undergone robust security checks and may be more likely to contain some code that could damage your phone or steal your sensitive data. You should pay extreme attention when it comes to entering your sensitive data, such as name, card number, address and so on.

So if you do not trust the sources from which you downloaded the app, prefer to avoid installing these unverified apps and download only Android apps from Google Play.

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