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How to Use Google Docs / Sheets / Slides and More

Google Docs is an alternative to the still-most popular Microsoft Word text editor that is included with Microsoft Office that is more or less dominant in the market, and its .doc (or .docx) format is a standard that must be supported by all other text editors, such as Open Office. Microsoft Word, however, is paid and the free Open Office version is not so usable.

But it would not be Google if it did not offer his own service, which is absolutely free and which can boldly stand up to Word and overcome it in many aspects. Google Docs works online, which has one minor disadvantage, that is, you need to be connected to the Internet, but on the other hand this is not a huge problem today. Documents are automatically saved and synchronized on a regular basis, so even if your computer system crashes, you will find the document in the state in which you stopped working. In addition, you can open it from any device and you do not have to carry the documents with you or send it to an email or something.

You can also share documents with other users who can read or edit documents – depending on the settings. This is great for group projects, when everyone contributes their part in that one document. If anyone deletes/corrupts the document, you can always restore it from a backup, which Google Docs creates automatically.

You can, of course, download finished documents in standard formats such as .doc, .docx and .pdf. If you have a document on your computer and want to use it on Google Docs, you can easily drag and drop it and then edit online.

Google Docs Sign up and Sign in

Google Docs can be used for free by anyone who has an account with Google. This is also good if you want to use an Android phone that requires you have a Google account. You create your account directly on Just type in your name, pick an email address, and password. It is done in less than 2 minutes.

Documents are then created on Google Drive, which is your personal space where you can store any documents and other files you can access from anywhere.

You can access Google Drive by clicking here, or by clicking on 9 dots at, then clicking Drive

Then, click on the top left of the document to “Add” and then Google Docs to create a new document you will then find on your Google Drive.

If you’re signed in to your Google Account, you can also write URL address and get to the new document page. You can also use,,, and so on. A great use of exotic domain names!

Editing the document itself is practically identical with editing in Word or Open Office, so if you’re used to these programs, using Google Docs will be absolutely natural.

Google Word / Excel / Powerpoint

Google replaces not only Microsoft Word, but also other popular programs like Excel and Powerpoint. Google offers these programs absolutely free, just calls them Google Sheets (alternative for Excel) and Google Slides (alternative for Powerpoint).

Like Google Docs, you can find everything on Google Drive, and use is basically identicaly as Microsoft’s programs. Everything is automatically synchronized and stored, so you will never lose your „unsaved“ work. You can share everything and set who can read and edit documents.

Work on Google Docs / Sheets / Slides Offline

You can also work offline on Google Docs (and other document types). You only need to download extensions to your browser (download here) and then make Google Drive files available for offline use.

Files are downloaded to your computer and sync while you connect to the Internet. But if you’re offline, you can still work on them.

For detailed instructions, go directly to Google’s support HERE

Using Google Docs on PC and Mobile

Using Google Docs on your PC is easy and you just need to use any internet browser, preferably Google Chrome, but it works totally without any problem in any other browser.

A little different is the situation on mobile devices. In these you can view documents (spreadsheets, presentations), but you can not edit them. If you want to edit documents on your mobile, you need to download an application, which then allows you to edit. These applications were developed by Google.

Google Docs Mobile App – Download

Here you download all Android and iOS apps for editing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Google Docs
  • Score - 95%


A great alternative to Microsoft’s still dominant Microsoft Office, but completely free of charge and perfectly usable from anywhere and online.

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