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Sometimes when we browse the Internet in a foreign language, we come across a word or a whole sentence that we simply do not understand, even if we are experts in that respective foreign language. It’s much worse with languages ​​that we don’t speak at all or just a little. Dictionaries are now a common part of the Internet and libraries. Thanks to the Internet, we can translate virtually any language in a matter of seconds, be it single words or whole sentences.

When it comes to phrases, expressions, sayings or even different slangs, book dictionaries are usually useless. It is necessary to use smarter dictionaries on the Internet, which are easier to expand, update, and it is possible to include a lot of information. The language is constantly evolving and new phrases introduces daily. Book dictionaries are thus quite quickly obsolete and it is easiest to use Internet dictionaries and translators.

Translate Phrases and Full Sentences

Today, Google Translate is probably the most advanced translation tool in the world. In addition to the standard dictionary, it also offers the possibility to translate whole sentences and various phrases.

A so-called neural network, artificial intelligence and the knowledge of the users themselves power Google Translate. Artificial Intelligence of Google Translate explores the translations that it finds on the Internet and tries to teach it various phrases that book dictionaries do not usually have in them. In addition, the users can correct any inaccurate or imperfect translation further improving future translations.

Translate English to German, French, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic and Dozens of Other Languages

Google Translate is already very proficient in translating into a wide range of languages, including German, French, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic and dozens of others. It is also possible to translate among all these languages, where artificial intelligence is mainly concerned with the meanings of words and sentences, where the dictionary then offers translations from virtually any language to any language.

Of course, translations into English are the most accurate and perfect. English is a very well structured language and is used all over the world, so Google Translate is the most sophisticated in writing English sentences and includes the most comprehensive dictionary.

Dictionaries you wont need anymore
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Google Translate Is Not Perfect, but We Can Easily Understand the Translated Texts

Of course, it still does not work as perfectly in a sense that we would take a book, let Google translate it, and release it in a different language. Translations are not perfect, but the translator is constantly improving its dictionary and understanding of different language structures to make the translations as precise as possible.

The main advantage of Google Translate is that we will understand the translated sentences without major problems and we do not have to search every single word in the dictionary. Google Translate can handle slangs or phrases very well, which it can successfully incorporate into sentences. Moreover, the resulting translation usually looks like it wasn’t written by a machine, but by a real person. This is a huge success when writing any sentence.

Of course, if the sentence really doesn’t make sense, it’s usually because Google Translate doesn’t know the phrase and tries to translate it literally. At this point, there is some legwork to do for us, as we need to identify the phrase and find some other source.

Either way, Google’s translator is an absolutely fantastic tool that fits anyone who sometimes encounters a word/phrase in a foreign language that they simply don’t understand. The translator works directly in a web browser, like Google Chrome, but you can also download the mobile app for easy access for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

In the New Version of Google Translate We Can Also Translate Texts in the File

The new version of Google Translate offers the ability to upload files in .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx formats, which are classic Microsoft document formats from programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, but also text or pdf documents.

It’s nice because you get a translation of the entire document, but there is still a lot to improve because the result will, to a certain extent, follow the formatting of the texts, but when copying, the paragraphs or headings need to be set again. There are also different gaps in the texts, or some words are written in uppercase etc.

It is nothing terrible and it is definitely very fast to fix. Moreover, it is a more pleasant way than copying of plain text, which we have to reformat anyway. In general, if you need to translate pure text, a classic translator is sufficient. If you need to translate the entire document, you have the option.

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