How can you make your cat happy?

A happy cat is healthier than an unhappy cat because it is less stressed. However, we all know that all cats are sensitive to stress and it can have significant consequences on their physical and emotional health. So every cat owner must do everything in their power to keep their little friend happy, whether they live free-range at home or in an apartment. Anyone can do this and the answers are not difficult – here is a little guide.

Playing is fun

Having a cat and not letting it play is almost inhumane. Playing is a necessity for a cat, regardless of age, and occupies a significant part of its day. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on expensive toys if nothing will entertain her, and we have to admit that it’s more about having tricks up our sleeve to keep her happy. From a string with a cork to a ball to a mechanical mouse with a bell, the cat has plenty to do to keep her entertained for hours and satisfy her natural joy.

Games play an important role in the cat’s optimal growth and help directly or indirectly in its upbringing. That is why she sometimes has to play alone, sometimes with her owner. A cat can also play with another animal, whether it is a cat or not.

Fun play is necessary for a cat to move and improve its balance, musculature, sight, smell and hearing, its powers of concentration and analysis, as well as its hunting instinct. It is also an effective anxiolytic. In order to avoid boredom during the absence of its owner, especially if the cat is alone in the house or apartment for several hours, it should be provided with things to play with.

Create her own space

In order to create a space for her, the place designated for the cat must be furnished with the material in question. Therefore, do not hesitate to furnish there:

  • A cosy place where she can curl up safely should not be in a passageway, as the cat does not like to be disturbed when resting;
  • a more or less sheltered and elevated position from which it can observe its surroundings unobserved is a pastime it likes;
  • a closing door for the cat, which allows it free passage outside, will ensure that it stays in a safe garden, yard and balcony.

She has a choice based on a wide range of convenience. The cat must have unrestricted access to everything, including the litter box, old blanket and cardboard. She also likes to look out the window, the back of a chair, the shelf of a bookcase or the top of an antique cabinet. Although the cat is known for its gentleness, you should avoid leaving delicate items lying around to prevent damage.

Respect its peace of mind

For a cat to be happy, it needs to be free. Only take her in your arms if she asks for it, and the same goes for petting. At the same time, it is important to respect those moments when she is cleaning herself. In other words, we never force a cat to do something it doesn’t want to do.

As for the situation of her litter, which should be especially chosen one that can be covered, it should be placed away from a busy place, and if possible, place it where the animal is not in danger of falling. Take care of this, as the cat despises it.

Give it all the attention it needs

Although a cat is a self-sufficient animal, it craves hugs and attention. It enjoys the affection of its master. We must therefore respond to these expectations in order to satisfy the cat. Never hit your cat and there is no point in shouting at it. It is sufficient to use a stronger tone when reprimanding. The cat understands the meaning of each tone and can easily recognize it.

At the same time, give it the necessary care, namely

  • feed it naturally by choosing a high-quality cat food adapted to its age and lifestyle (active or less active);.
  • allow her to eat often, but less, so that she does not exceed her daily ration, since, as in humans, daily excess food increases the risk of overweight;
  • ensure that fresh water is available at all times;
  • provide her with a scratching post so that she can satisfy her natural need to scratch. Some scratching posts are made of natural cardboard and contain catnip. Other more complex stands consist of a central stand and multiple viewing platforms. It can also be a scratching tower with various openings where the cat can hide;
  • brush it every day if it has long hair, every fourth day if it is a short-haired cat;
  • have the cat examined regularly by a veterinarian;
  • decide to have her spayed as soon as possible as it reduces the risk of straying and protects her health. It is therefore an excellent solution to increase her life expectancy;
  • fight all parasites, as they are carriers of disease. There are special very effective shampoos and products, natural preventive treatments and neck straps that are impregnated with anti-parasitics;
  • clean her toilet as often as possible.

Good grooming is very important to keep your cat happy, as this way she can recognise how much her master loves her. It therefore requires great availability on the part of family members and patience. After all, for the happiness of the cat, it is recommended to respect the different areas that are important to it so that it can perfectly organize its territory.

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