How to share files that don’t fit in an email for free

Probably everyone has experienced a situation when it was necessary to send a file to someone, but it didn’t fit in the email attachment. Typically it’s photos, but it can also be more bulky documents or anything else. We’ll take a look at ways to save or share files for free. There are a number of others, but these are the most proven, easy to use and all-around proven to work well over the years.

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Google Drive


  • 15 GB of free storage
  • Can be shared via a link
  • Easy syncing of files and folders with others


  • Requires a Google account to upload

Google Drive is a service from Google, which in itself guarantees a high degree of quality. Anyone who sets up a Google account gets access not only to, for example, their Gmail inbox, but also to Google Drive, which is a repository for your files that you can then access from anywhere with an internet connection. Everyone gets 15 GB of space for free, which should be very comfortable for documents, a bunch of photos and so on.

You can very easily synchronise your files between the office and home, or use classic editors like Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides, which are variants of Microsoft’s alternatives, i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The ability to sort and share uploaded files is also great. You can easily create the necessary folders to sort your files into as you need them.

For sharing, it is possible to select users who also have a Google account. This will make the shared files appear in the Shared with me tab. If you share an entire folder, you can then upload any files you want to share with that person or people to that folder. You then set whether users can edit the files or just view and download them.

You can also share files using just the link, which will work for users who don’t have a Google account – right-click on a file or folder and select share. You then need to change the settings for when all users with the link can access the file, and possibly also what permissions they have with the file.

All in all, Google Drive is a great option for sharing even larger files with absolutely anyone, whether they use the service or not. All that’s required is to set up a free Google account. Without an account, you can’t use the service and share files, but you can download or edit them if someone sends you a link.


  • Free even without registration
  • Very easy administration of all added files for registered users
  • Sharing before link
  • unlimited space


  • Free download speed is limited to 250 to 350 kB/s
  • For more sensitive files, care must be taken to set them to not be publicly available

A very interesting option for file sharing is also Most of us may know it mainly as a place to download files for free, but it can also be used as a convenient way to share something to someone before the link.

Even an unregistered user can upload anything and then get an admin link to the file, which allows them to modify, for example, the visibility of the file in the Uložto search, but the file needs to be cached or deleted.

You then get a share link, which you then just send in any way you like, for example over email or any chat program.

When you sign up for Ulozto for free, you have the files conveniently available right in your account, you can distribute them conveniently, and you don’t need any admin link – just log in to your account and see and edit everything at will.

The advantage of Ulozto is the unlimited storage space, where you can upload and share completely at will. The downside, then, is that for those downloading the files, there are limits to the free download speed, which is capped at around 250-350 kB/s. In order to download at the maximum speed of your internet connection, you then need to register on Uložto and purchase credits.

Larger files can then take tens of minutes to download, really large files can take hours. For sharing documents, a few photos or something similar, Ulozto is a very convenient option, for larger files another option that does not limit the download speed will be better.



  • Ability to share before link with a range of settings – encryption, time limit
  • Downloads at maximum speed even without an established account


  • You need to create an account to upload files
  • Only 2 GB of data space in the free version

Dropbox is the oldest service on our list, but it has grown into a market leader in just over a decade on the market. It’s easy to use, convenient, reliable and on basically any platform. You can upload and share files from anywhere, and with a few clicks you can set your sharing options, including, for example, a password or a time limit for downloads.

Whoever you’re sharing files with may or may not have a Dropbox account. Downloading is then really snappy and there’s no waiting around. But if you want to upload something yourself, you’ll need to create an account. It’s completely free in the basic version, and the 2GB storage is comfortably enough for almost everything. It has to be said, though, that this is definitely the smallest file storage space of the services we’ve mentioned.

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