Joker (2019) – Movie Review

After the festival in Venice, where Joker received standing ovations and the main prize for the best film, the expectations were ridiculously high. Joker was expected to be the best film of the year, if not overcoming Nolan’s 11-year-old The Dark Knight. Did Joker meet the expectations? Yes, but in a completely different way than expected.

Joker is not a typical comic book movie – there are no obvious digital effects, action scenes, and actually no hero to be cheering for. Compared to the latest Avengers: Endgame, where there’s more of all this than anyone would ever expect, Joker is not even a comic book movie at all. And this is definitely not the only bold step the creators have taken.

As it was clear from the trailer, here we go to see the most iconic Batman bad guy, whose strength lies in the fact that we actually know nothing about him. We do not know why he is doing the most brutal and insidious acts. This movie is a quite different view of a character who can be diagnosed and whose eccentricities make sense.

Joker Is Mainly a Critique of Our Society That Hits Hard

Joker becomes a person with a name who has a history and who has long been acting as someone whose skin we really do not want to be in and who we often pity. He is not the unstoppable force to stand against Batman yet, but a loser that the society has left behind and kicked at any possible moment.

It is the theme of society and behavior towards one another that is a very important. How would we behave face to face with someone like the Joker? Would we be the change that would prevent a maniac wanting to see the world on fire? The Joker is not yet acting as someone who needs to cause chaos and death, but as a person who has never been embraced and told that someone is there for him.

Although we can see the evil in the Joker that somehow has always been inside and which just waited for the excuse to wake up, everything looks almost frighteningly realistic. That this could happen, because we are so distant and apathetic. It’s depressing, it’s strong and very unpleasant.

Give Joaquin Phoenix His Oscar!

Much has been written about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and there is practically nothing to add. There are probably like 3 minutes of the movie without the Joker on screen. Phoenix performs such an incredible acting concert that his absence at least in the nomination for best actor at the Oscars would probably the greatest surprise of the year.

His precise performance prevented unwanted humor in a number of scenes. It is thanks to Phoenix that the Joker will continue to be the movie to discuss for years to come, and we got an instant classic that immediately rewrote history.

Joker (2019) – Trailer

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Despite maximum expectations, Joker has earned its reputation and we have a completely unconventional comic book movie that studies the dark background of Joker’s mind.

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