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Win 10 Is a Universal Operating System Mostly Used on PC

Windows 10 is another in line of operating systems from Microsoft. A little unexpectedly, Win 10 is the successor to Windows 8. According to the creators, the “9” has been left out in order to emphasize the rapid progress of the used technology and overall operating system usability.

Windows 10 should be usable on all devices, that is desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets. However, the Windows operating system is no longer used for mobile devices. This market is virtually completely controlled by the duo of operating systems Android from Google and iOS from Apple .

Today, however, Windows 10 is the most used operating system on desktop computers and laptops. This is also due to the fact that Windows 10 was completely free for all those who had Windows 7 and 8 installed.

In general, Win 10 is considered a very successful and usable operating system. Of course, it has its flaws, but after the fail that was Windows 8, 10 it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Download Windows 10 For Free

You can download the complete version of Windows 10 completely free of charge directly from the Microsoft website, where you can also find detailed instructions on how to install the operating system. However, you need to have a license code to activate Windows 10. Definitely don’t download Windows 10 from unverified sources. This could lead to huge problems, as there are absolutely no guarantees that the system is safe and unhacked.

You can also use the key code from Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you have already purchased one of these systems, you can also use them to install Windows 10 and just use a Win7/8 key. Microsoft wants users to use one single operating system, so this step is logical.

Windows 10 on PC and Mobile
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Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8 Is No Longer Free

Since the beginning of 2018, it is no longer possible to migrate to 10 for free if you are a Windows 7 or 8 user. It is only possible if you have already migrated to Windows 10 and then downgraded to the previously used system.

So if you want to switch from an older version of Windows, you need to pay for the upgrade. The price on Microsoft site is around $139. If you buy a license in quality eshops, it is a lot cheaper, so always go for this option.

Win 10 is shipped with new computers and the system is already installed. You only need to set it up, which takes just a few minutes. Even if you’re not a technical type, don’t worry, setting it up is really easy. It is mostly about choosing your username and agreeing to terms and conditions. Just one thing is necessary – you need to have a Microsoft account that you will use to sign in. Create a Microsoft account for free here.

Win 10 to Forever Be the Last Windows? There Should Only Be Updates and Improvements

If you are already using Windows 10, you have certainly noticed quite frequent and large updates. Microsoft releases these approximately every six months. According to Microsoft, these upgrades and updates will keep Win 10 going. Therefore, Windows 10 should be really the last and definitive version of the operating system we will ever get.

Microsoft has also pushed and continues to push users of older Windows versions to upgrade to Windows 10. Keeping one single version always up to date is much easier and cheaper than to care about many versions.

So far, Microsoft has kept its plan and at least in the next few years, no other version of Windows is going to come out.

Are you using Windows 10, an older version, or a completely different operating system? Share it in comments under the article.

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