The most used passwords on the internet – definitely avoid these

The basis of a strong password is that you can’t just guess it. It should be unique and hackers shouldn’t have any chance against it. We wrote about how to choose a strong and easy-to-remember password here.

So the key is not to choose a password that other users like. This is because these are exactly the passwords that attackers try first. Every year, a ranking of the most used passwords on the Internet comes out, and basically every year the number series “123456” and the classic “password” wins. Other passwords are also extremely easy to guess and are typically just a slightly longer or shorter number series, or a top of the line keyboard in the form of the password “qwerty”.

Do you use any of these passwords? Change them immediately!

If you also use similar passwords, you’re pretty much talking yourself into hacking your accounts. If you use any of the passwords below for important services like social networking, banking or financial services, or even your email inbox, then feel free to change your passwords immediately – practically anything is more secure than these passwords. Like the more than 10% of people who have their PIN set to 1234 on their credit card.

It’s true that a lot of these passwords are easy to remember, but fundamentally they’re not passwords because passwords are mainly to protect accounts. There are methods to come up with a really strong password that is also very easy to remember and that will protect your important accounts. If you want to have some fun, see what simple passwords someone uses, but what they also choose to avoid at all costs.

The passwords are ranked roughly by percentage of use in the last 5 years. But it doesn’t matter which position the password is in, don’t use it 100% anyway, even with light transformations like replacing the letter o with the number 0 and such:

The most used passwords on the Internet
123456 123456789 qwerty password
1234567 12345678 12345 iloveyou
111111 123123 abc123 qwerty123
1q2w3e4r admin qwertyuiop 654321
555555 lovely 7777777 welcome
888888 princess dragon password1
123qwe 123456789 sunshine 666666
football monkey 654321 !@#$%^&*
charlie aa123456 donald letmein
login starwars passw0rd master
hello freedom whatever qazwsx
trustno1 jordan23 harley 1234
robert matthew jordan asshole
daniel andrew lakers andrea
buster joshua 1qaz2wsx 12341234
ferrari cheese computer corvette
blahblah george mercedes 121212
maverick fuckyou nicole hunter
tigger 1989 merlin ranger
solo banana chelsea summer
1990 1991 phoenix amanda
cookie ashley bandit killer
aaaaaa pepper jessice zag1zag1
jennifer test hockey dallas
passwor michelle admin123 pussy

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