These Jobs Are Experiencing Growing Demand During The Ongoing Pandemic

Covid-19 hit the world by surprise and forced everyone to change their lifestyles. A lot of industries suffered setbacks due to the lockdown and quarantine protocols. However, some industries were making waves despite the challenges. These industries were presented with opportunities like never before as the demand for their services grew. These are the most resilient jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic;

1. Mobile Software Development and Related Jobs

Due to the lockdown months of the pandemic, it became a normal thing to stay at home all through the day. Because of the boredom, people resorted to doing short-form content, browsing social media, and playing online games. And a significant number of these were mobile-based. There was a great rise in the usage of various mobile platforms during the lockdown. TikTok was one of the platforms that found its voice during the pandemic. This is why one of the most resilient jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic was mobile software development.

Applications for mobile devices are created by mobile software developers. And because of the pandemic, they were high in demand. The mobile software development industry became busier due to the change in the course of things imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of educational institutions and organizations recruited mobile software developers to create apps that helped students learn better. You can opt to become a mobile developer as it is a skill that is greatly in demand.

2. Retail, Delivery, and Supply Chain Jobs

Because of the strict lockdown protocols that were imposed at the beginning of the pandemic, there were a lot of limitations for the delivery of essential goods and services. But, as some time passed, things were eased up a bit and the utilization of delivery services became the go-to solution. 

People began to utilize these delivery services for their essential needs, rather than heading to the supermarket. Errands to the pharmacy, food delivery, and grocery delivery have become an integral part of our lives. This is why the retail, delivery, and supply chain industries grew stronger. There are now truck drivers, parcel delivery vans, and food and grocery delivery riders that ensure retail shops don’t run out of stock.

3. Healthcare Practitioners 

It is a well-known fact that the importance of health care workers cannot and should not be underrated. However, their importance heightened during the period of the coronavirus. Every healthcare worker has been on their toes during this period to ensure every individual is safe. These personnel has also put their lives on the line while trying to protect individuals from the deadly virus. 

The demand for healthcare workers who can prescribe vitamins and supplements and also give advice to individuals has been heightened at this time. Radiologic technologists and medical doctors have been in high demand ever since the spread of the coronavirus. Psychologists are also in high demand because of the help they render to individuals who are going through stress, anxiety, or even depression.

4. Independent Online Contractors

These are another set of individuals who have been very much active during this period of the coronavirus. These online contractors include writers, search engine specialists, website designers and managers, content developers, virtual assistants, and many more. These online contractors have been in high demand most especially during this period because most businesses are compelled to function from home, thus the importance of an online presence. 

Website developers aid individuals in building their online presence while digital marketers aid in enabling businesses to reach other persons and the world at large. These jobs have always been in existence but became more popular during this period of the spread of the coronavirus. Another type of online contractor job became very rampant in the mobile industry—software development business.

5. Financial Planning Jobs

These particular types of jobs have also been rampant during this period. Most individuals lost their jobs as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, while others were forced to stay at home. As a result of this, individuals need the aid or help of financial planners to curb their expenses and make do of the little they can acquire from self-owned businesses. 

These self-owned businesses did not yield as much profit that would aid in sustaining persons in the state. Another type of financial planning job that was high in demand during this coronavirus period is the job of an investment manager, retirement manager, portfolio manager, and even client services advisor.


Covid-19 definitely made the world adapt to a new way of living, and things have not gone back to how they were. Fortunately, this provided some industries with startling opportunities that had them excelling despite the challenges.

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