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Are you looking for the classic of the newest movies in great quality to download for free and without registration? is right here just for you. Ulozto is a completely open cloud service for sharing, storing and downloading files. You can find tens of thousands of movies, shows, games, mp3 music, e-books and so much more. It’s all free to download and you don’t even have sign up. Just find the file you want and download. It’s just that simple.

Restrictions apply only to the download speed. But there is a solution in the form of credits. With credits you are downloading at unlimited speed as your internet connection allows. Downloading is quick and fast, and it’s just a few cents per a movie. Credits are then subtracted based on how big a file you are downloading. One movie costs about ten cents and when you download a movie in a really high quality, it will be about 25 cents. Compare this price to even the cheapest DVDs. You can download entire TV shows, music albums, e-books or games for free or just for a few cents when you wnt to download with unlimited speed.

How to Download from Ulozto with Unlimited Speed

Why download for credits and not always for free? It’s simple – sometimes it just cannot wait. Do you or your partner want to see the movie as soon as possible? Perhaps it’s not ideal to wait an hour for it to be downloaded. With credits, it’s fast and easy.

The best was is buying credits with you credit or debit card. You can also buy credits via bank wire, but it takes a while for them to be credited. SMS payment is also quick, but mobile operators get some fees, so there are not that many credits for the same price. It is also possible to use payments via Bitcoins or an anonymous prepaid Paysafecard.

Even with your account with credits, you can still download movies, songs in mp3 any anything else completely free, depending on how much you are in a hurry or how quickly you want to have the file on your harddrive. When you download the file, you will choose the download option for free and no credits will be deducted.

Pricelist of Ulozto

Here you can find prices for Ulozto. It is best if you pay by card, which is the most convenient, cheapest and fastest method of payment. You can also use bank transfer, which costs the same, but takes some time to process. – Pricelist for Card and Bank Transfer
Data Price
340 000 MB 40 EUR
150 000 MB 23 EUR
70 000 MB 12 EUR
37 500 MB 8 EUR
20 000 MB 5 EUR

You can also use cryptocurrencies to buy Ulozto credits. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

Ulozto – Free mp3 Music

Cassette tapes are probably gone for good and music is now listened to online either from the internet, from YouTube, Spotify and other services. Another option is to download the songs directly to your computer and then move the songs to the mp3 player, mobile. Having some music right on your computer is particularly suitable when you do not have access to the internet or the connection to streaming music is too slow.

You can find almost any mp3 music to download for free. You can find both Czech and foreign music in mp3 or even as videos directly with clips – all this at Download individual songs, entire albums, or complete discography of all possible authors. Like movies, the music from Uložto is downloaded for free and without registration.

Movies on Uloz to in avi or mp4

Ulozto is originally a Czech service that is generally used by Czechs and Slovaks, but they upload most of the movies and TV shows in English, which means you can use Ulozto as well. Also the entire site is in English, so no worries about having to learn Czech language.

Free Ebooks on Ulozto.Net

If you are looking for a book for your Kindle, or any sort of document or a textbook, you can find it on Ulozto. You save a lot of money and get all the books or textbooks you need.

You Can Upload and Share any File at

Ulozto is not only about downloading, but also about uploading or sharing. Many files are too big to share via email or Facebook. Ulozto makes uploading and sharing absolutely free of limitation. While uploading, you can choose whether the file should be visible to everyone, or downloadable only after you have sent a link. This is useful when sharing family photos or any sort of private documents that no one else should be able to see. You can sort files into folders, or upload and share them with everyone.

It’s a great service even for a one-time sharing of materials, when you just upload the file once and then just send links to those who should download it.

When your file becomes popular, you will also get some extra credits. If you can upload a very popular file, you will never have to worry about buying credits because you will always have enough. If you aren’t interested in using money for buying credits, you can simply wire them to your bank account every month.
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Ulozto offers huge selection of movies, TV shows, music, games and so much more. Everything is free to download with only speed limit. You can also use as an unlimited cloud storage for your documents, photos and restrict anyone from downloading your files.

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