Unfriended (2014) – Movie Review

Unfriended is one of those horror movies that really captivate you at first sight. Whether it is positive in the sense of “I have to see it immediately!” or “Who can watch this s***?!” is up to you. The premise of the film is simple and the whole story, with the exception of few seconds, takes place on the screen of a laptop during a nightly conversation on Skype.

Of course, something goes wrong and the spirit of a deceased student who has been bullied to suicide comes into the digiworld to uncover each character’s sins of the past. The story is simple, but all the more impressive is the overall direction and dramaturgy.

Originality is Unfriended’s Greatest Weapon

Nowadays, finding a truly original film is a difficult task. Unfriended succeeds in a bold way and will really stay with you, even if there really is no point in seeing it more than once.

In the story, you can see not only a group conversation, but really everything the main character does on her laptop. You can see her fast clicking through windows, playing music or videos on YouTube, but also chat with other people, when the she sometimes writes and deletes/reformulates something. This way we kind of know what goes through her head, what she decides to share with others and what her secrets are. It is clever and original.

Yes, this movie is really not for those who have never seen Facebook, they have no idea what Skype is, what a new message alert sounds like, and how it works online today – really fast and extremely chaotic especially when you are not the one in control.

You Should See Unfriended on a Laptop

The fact that the movie takes place on a laptop screen creates a truly unique situation where it is better not to SEE the movie in the movie theater or even on TV, but to watch the movie on a small laptop screen. Everything is so much more authentic and frightening.

It is a pity that in the second half of the film left lots its momentum and we are served a classic slasher of juveniles who have little chance against the supernatural spirit. Some of the scenes are still strong, but the originality is gone and unfortunately gone for good.

Even so, it is an above average and especially original horror film. There is no point in seeing it twice, but we can definitely recommend it.

  • Overall Score


Unfriended is an original movie with a weaker second half. The 80-minute runtime never lets you get bored and Unfriended is definitely one of the stronger horror movies of late.

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